And that's three!

On Tuesday 18 October 2022, the third release of mouflons on the Cagna massif took place. 14 animals, including 11 females and 3 males, joined their fellow sheep already on site. They were able to return to the natural environment after being airlifted from the commune of Quenza where the breeding pen managed by the SMPNRC is located.

This operation is part of a more global conservation programme for the Corsican mouflon which aims to extend and consolidate the core population of Bavella.

Thus, two initial releases were carried out in 2020 and 2021, allowing the introduction of 15 and 24 individuals respectively.

This year, the release was given special attention as it was part of the Life GYPRESCUE programme, financed by the European Commission, and aimed at safeguarding the Bearded Vulture population on the island. The preservation of this species is closely linked to the presence of the mouflon, which represents a significant food resource for the Bearded Vulture.

In total, 53 animals were released on the massif. Regular monitoring of this population over the past two years has shown that the animals are adapting well to their new living environment. The biotope and the quietness of this still preserved massif ensure optimal living conditions for them.