A large-scale visitor!

A Griffon Vulture has been on the island for a few days! This species is normally absent from Corsica but Sardinia has a small population of Griffon Vultures.

In order to save this population, a reinforcement programme is being implemented in the framework of two successive LIFE projects:

▪️LIFE14 NAT/IT/000484 Under Griffon Wings

▪️ LIFE19 NAT/IT/000732 SAFE for VULTURES.

📸LIFE safe for vultures

This vulture was born in captivity in 2018 and was released in October 2019 in Sardinia. It decided to leave Sardinia on 03/04/2023 and has been staying in Corsica since that date.

He is equipped with a GPS transmitter to track his movements. He also has an orange ring with the code 114 on his left leg.

The SMPNRC, coordinator of the programme Life Gyprescue - Corsican Vulture▪️ LIFE20 NAT/FR/001553 GYPRESCUE, is in close contact with the Sardinian LIFE project team to monitor the fate of this vulture on the island. Long live cross-border cooperation!

📸 If you have the chance to observe this vulture (named Caniga, it is a female), do not hesitate to send us your observations and photographs!