The baptism of the Bearded Vulture

Last week 24 pupils from the school of Calenzana accompanied by their teachers stayed at the Casa Marina in Galéria. During this stay, placed on the sensitization, the learning and the discovery of the fauna and the endemic flora, the pupils had the chance to baptize a bearded vulture.

Pupils from Calenzana school visit Galéria

In fact, during a conservation programme for the bearded vulture in partnership with the VCF (Vulture Conservation Foundation), eggs were taken from the Bonifatu site and introduced into the EEP network at the Guadalentin breeding centre in Andalusia (Spain). This sampling, carried out by PnrC agents and relayed by VCF scientists, aims to protect Corsican genetics and avoid the loss of chicks when they hatch.

The gamble paid off, 2 chicks were born and one of them had not yet been named. It is done, the pupils of Calenzana chose to baptize him " PINU ", a Corsican name that our bearded vulture carries proudly on the other side of the Mediterranean.